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Chào mừng bạn đến Viet Nam

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Chào mừng bạn đến Viet Nam - Welcome to Vietnam

I have changed a lot over the past three years, to the point where I no longer recognize myself.

I was a woman unaware of her strengths, of her abilities. I was often afraid and… afraid of being afraid.

Two men helped me to walk and explore all the possibilities offered by life. The first, my son, has faith in me, in my ability to overcome obstacles. He encourages me to explore new avenues, try new experiences. The second, my companion, gives me much more credit than I give myself and shows me paths I would never have thought of.

It is, thanks to their love and trust, that I have made my way and that in a few days I will be exploring Vietnam on a motorbike.

The genesis

…of motorcycle driving

It all started on my son's birthday. One of his friends was recounting his motorcycle trip in Southeast Asia and the story of this adventure fell into the ear of my sidekick. It was enough for him to begin his undermining work in order to destroy doubt and fear that arose between me and…driving a two-wheeler.

This was the start of my odyssey.

Let's remember that in the spring of 2020, everything is complicated. Driving schools must reinvent themselves and give lessons virtually. A word that would haunt the months to come.

Then there are the practical courses where the difficulties are linked. My group, composed entirely of boys, is fortunately very understanding with the lady who does not know how to engage or even stop the flashers.

It is a very difficult period. The doubts, the tears, the feeling of incompetence, are fortunately counterbalanced by the confidence and the encouragements of my companion and my son.

Finally, at the end of the summer, I got my learner's license, but not without having to take the exam again because I wasn't going fast enough the first time and the time measured exceeded the limit set by the fussy civil servants. Me, who was very proud to have driven carefully avoiding all obstacles, I should have been a little more cowgirl.

…of the blog

During the winter, a friend I met on the networks challenged me. Writing stories. I recoil at the mere sight of a birthday card where I have to write a wish but I launch myself at his instigation. After trial and error and... encouragement and advice from my friend, I am met with unexpected success. Who would have thought that I would like to write, surely not me

.…of the adventure

In the spring, I easily re-tame my mount and that's when my companion leaves for a three-month trip to Kenya. I can wait for him to come back or I can go on my own. I decide to try the experiment.

Three days are necessary to prepare my first outing, Quebec-Charlevoix. Three long days to try to plan everything, overcome my fears and prepare my luggage.

Finally, I leave and it's the discovery. My confidence increases with every mile. That's one small two-day trip for ordinary mortals but one giant leap a great trip for the discovery of the new me.

...of the blog (again)

Back from the trip, I write a short post in a FB group of motorcyclists and I meet a much greater interest than expected. So I refine my texts to create a blog telling my adventures.

That summer, I travelled 20,000 km and I came out transformed. The setbacks, incidents, bad weather, but also the support, the sympathy, the kindness of all the people I met on my way, have profoundly changed me.

On his return from Africa, my companion is surprised and proud to find a woman who is more sure of herself, more adventurous, more confident in the future.

…of diving

Winter brings me a new challenge, learning to scuba dive. Imagine, at first I find it difficult to control inhaling and exhaling underwater when my mask is full of water. Again, tears, discouragement, but always the unwavering support of my accomplice, until I get my certification as a diver. Who would have thought, after my disastrous start, that I would enjoy diving to the point where I yearn for the next descent into the abyss.

The following summer, again I set out to explore. My companion has decided to go on a motorcycle in western Canada, so I take this opportunity to refine my experiences.

Towards a new challenge

And now the circle is almost complete. The idea of visiting Asia on a motorbike is ripe. In fact, it's more than an idea. I have, in hand, plane tickets and visas. We are leaving in a few days for Vietnam, which we will explore on motorbikes for three months while taking the opportunity to dive and, of course, I will tell you about our discoveries in my blog.

I'm leaving without a reservation, without a precise plan, without expectations. Oh, I prepared myself, among other things, for anarchic driving, but leaving plenty of room for the unexpected.

So, if you are interested in Vietnam, challenges, adventure, do not hesitate to follow me to the land of the dragon.

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