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Getsemaní my love

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Those who follow my adventures from the beginning, know that I am more of a nature girl than a city girl. Visiting cities, shopping, being surrounded by people… it's not really for me. However, Cartagena pleasantly surprised me. Rich in history and offering beautiful discoveries at every street corner… almost three months after my arrival, I am still surprised every day.

My walks have been concentrated in the walled city and Bocagrande, two interesting districts but… overflowing with tourists. I had had a few deviations and approached other neighbourhoods, but nothing of consequence.

Last week, at the instigation of my companion, I ventured to a new place, Getsemaní. Getsemaní, the less touristy and more cultural and authentic district of Cartagena, is concentrated around the Plazuela de la Trinidad (Holy Trinity Square), where residents and tourists meet to drink a beer, listen to street musicians and savour the gastronomic treasures offered in the many stands.

It feels good, very good even. Fewer tourists, more residents involved in the life of their neighbourhood. Getsemaní, once… uninteresting, is now the mecca of creative street art. Generally, I try not to overwhelm you with photos, but it was very difficult for me this time to limit the number.

So let your eyes and your soul be moved…

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