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Maritimes, here we come ! - day 7

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Chéticamp - Mabou - Port Hawkesbury- Antigonish - Dartmouth

493 km 

This morning, Juliette insisted that we do the Cabot Trail again…in reverse. I love my beautiful Juliette, so I comply with her wishes. About ten km further, I notice that the mist is becoming more and more present... as announced by the weather forecast. The mist is so present that I have to put on my rain gear...and yet it's not raining but the mist is like pea soup. That means we won't see any of the beautiful scenery along the way. Curves…it's all well and good, but there's more to life than that. So we make a U-turn towards Cheticamp.

At the exit of the village there is a mechanic and Juliette has a small problem with the position light. So, I stop and the nice mechanic kneels in front of her to check the source of the problem and correct it. As long as… he checks the pressure… A little bit of low pressure, forwards and backwards. Everything is quickly corrected. I think Juliette really liked that one…

At Margaree Harbor, we turn onto NS-219 to follow the coast. A few curves later, we are in Mabou. It's Sunday, farmer's market day. So I go to the arena to see all the beautiful craft products and I take the opportunity to eat an Indian meal.

In Port Hasting, I return to the tourist center where Rosie advised me so well during my visit two days ago. She is there and advises me on the route to take to get to Halifax quickly. It is that, contrary to my habit, the distance covered is more important than the curves because I want to give time to Lunenberg.

So, I take the NS-104 towards Antigonish and there, I turn on the NS-7 which goes to Halifax. I am surprised, enchanted, amazed by this road. I was expecting a fast but uninteresting road, I find myself on a road with pleasant curves, abundant lakes, enchanting inlets,... it's magnificent. I would never have expected this and, despite the invading mist, as soon as I approached the coast, I really enjoyed this route.

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