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My first ride Québec-Tadoussac

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Well ... I have a motorbike, the weather is nice, I should go for a ride. I say <should> because I'm still very insecure on my bike and... I'm scared. I'm afraid of dropping it, afraid of being hit by an inattentive motorist, afraid of breaking down and not being able to cope. Fear of not succeeding.

But... I have changed a lot in the last 5 years. I now know that I have unsuspected strengths, it's up to me to discover them, to deepen them. It must be said that I used the strength of social networks and my call was heard. Several riders from Riders-Qc offered me their advice to prepare for this first ride, and I am grateful to them.

So I prepare my luggage and get on Juliette, my beautiful little Honda CB500, who is quietly waiting for me in the driveway.

The story below is quite succinct. In fact, during this first ride, there was nothing to suggest that I would cover more than 20,000km in my first summer, that I would write the story of my adventures and that I would create a blog ... so thank you for your indulgence. First stop at the Baie St-Paul tourist center where I discovered that Tourisme Québec had created a very beautiful guide specifically addressed to motorcyclists to help them discover the beautiful roads of Quebec. From there I put on the 362.

Stop at the municipal beach of St-Irénée. Wow ... I didn't know we had this kind of beach near Quebec. We could believe it's the sea.

Then stop at the La Malbaie astronomical observatory which opens... at the end of June. Return on the 138. With a small detour through the port of Refuge de Cap à l'Aigle

I continue on the 138 and ... a new detour by the most beautiful road for motorcycles in Quebec. The perfect curves, the perfect coating. This leads to Port-au-Persil.

Back on the 138 ... towards Baie-des-Rochers where, for a bit, I thought I was in Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam.

Arrival in Baie Ste-Catherine. The view is beautiful and, inexplicably, it was the coldest place of my entire trip. Easily 10℃ cooler than anywhere else. A very welcome freshness in this heat wave. I take the ferry to Tadoussac and I sit on the terrace of the Tadoussac Microbrasserie.

Return to Baie St-Paul via the 138 and 362. Dinner at the Microbrasserie le St-Pub and sleep at the Otis house. I have to admit it was my first long ride in life and I slept like a dormouse. Return to Quebec after a tasty breakfast.

My favorites? In fact, the entire trip.

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