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Oh Juliette, forgive me - Episode 1

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Forgive me my love because, today… I cheated on you.

You're so far from me and, you know, I'm human and I have needs. So today, I succumbed to temptation and… I got on another motorcycle.

She looks like you. Red, just like you, pretty, but she will never replace you in my heart, especially since... she doesn't come close to your ankle. It's a Honda XR150L doing its best... but I have trouble climbing the hills. You got me used to more performance, more response, more… zoom zoom.

I climbed on your rival in Santa Marta and I headed, by a sylvan road, the Ruta del Sol (the road of the sun), towards Guachaca.

All along the road, I marvel. I would have liked to discover this country with you. In Quebec we have signs of deer and moose, here they are signs of iguanas, squirrels, opposoms,...

There are also signs of snakes...of all shapes,

and trimedaries. I knew about dromedaries and camels... but not those.

And finally, the most extraordinary and dangerous beast on the planet.

At the moment, I am at the Eco Café El Mirador, seated on a terrace and I listen to the chirping of birds, crickets, a crying child and the soft cooing sound of my hostess who is preparing supper while chatting with her daughters.

Tomorrow, I 'm going to explore the surroundings. The magnificent Tayrona Park is nearby, the sea, the mountains, a lost city,….

Again, I wouldn't have enough time to see everything. Don't worry, I'll tell you everything...and share this new adventure with you.

More tomorrow...

credit: Adrenaline Addicts

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