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Saguenay - route 381 - Épisode 1

An other day in paradise

This morning, the day is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, not too cloudy, not too sunny. Perfect I tell you. Wanting to be negative, I would say the air is too humid and my photos will look "milky" but I prefer to say that I was inspired by the work of David Hamilton.

credit: David Hamilton

During my last ride in the Saguenay, several riders strongly encouraged me to discover routes 381 and 170, but I saved them for later.

The moment has arrived. Yesterday I managed to book a room at Arvida. It was not easy….but I am persistent. I remember the first times I went on hikes. It took me hours, what am I saying, days, to prepare my luggage. Now I am seasoned and in 90 minutes everything is ready.

On pilgrimage

First stop at Sainte-Anne de Beaupré. The basilica, built more than 125 years ago, and rebuilt almost 100 years ago after a fire, has seen millions of pilgrims.The former traveled there by steamboat, which was replaced by the train and eventually by cars, democratized by Ford.

As a child I remember being deeply impressed by the Cyclorama of Jerusalem. It was, and still is, the largest cyclorama (360 degree painting) in the world, but I have to admit that compared to newer 3D technologies, it looks poor. This is surely why it has been closed since 2018, despite having been declared a Heritage Asset.

credit: Cyclorama, Anne kew, Bateau au dock,

I follow route 138. St-Tite des Caps, Baie St-Paul and veer north towards St-Urbain.

It is in St-Urbain that my adventure begins ... with a 45-minute wait because of a road obstruction. 45 minutes which allow me to admire the landscape.

From cracks, to cracks, surrounded by cracks

Ricardo has already done a “Men” special. He had interviewed a plethora of men to find out their culinary preferences and the outcome… Bacon seasoned with Bacon, surrounded by Bacon.

credit: lien

Well, the 381 revisits this great classic in its own way. Cracks ... small, big, deep, beginners and cracks with so much experience that they have cracks in their cracks.

God I miss the roads of Ontario. Fortunately, things are improving, and I can pay more attention to the scenery. The path to the Parc des Grands Jardins takes me to Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes and its rocky slopes, without forgetting a small pee stop while passing the Pied-des-Monts campsite.

I would have liked to have taken more photos along the way but, between the hills, the curves, and an almost nonexistent shoulder, it is hardly possible.

Then, a short stop at the Ferland-et-Boilleau belvedere, from which you can admire the Petit Lac Ha!Ha!. Small? It still 4.9 km long.

I arrive at my hotel, located in Arvida. In fact, it is a rectory whose vocation has been changed and it is very successful. I eat a good steak and then ... sleep.

crédit: Auberge Québec Issime

P.S. I would like someone to explain to me how a wasp can manage to get into a tight full face while the bike is going 90 km / h.

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