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Toward the Land of the Rising Sun - Episode 2

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

This morning, departure on route 2 towards St-Léonard, where we have lunch after admiring the Canada geese in the meadows. After lunch, I learn that our next stop is Miramichi. East ... here we are.

We take the NB-17 towards Campbellton.

The potato fields of St-Quentin, the Maple Capital of the Atlantic, are impressive. I don't remember seeing any that big.

Remarkably, New Brunswick's road surfaces are as beautiful, if not better, than those in Ontario.

The day is perfect and I look forward to a very pleasant week. Approaching Campbellton on the NB-11, my companion has a moment of... inattention. We often read, in Riders-Qc's posts, that car drivers are dangerous, inattentive, don't see us ... Let's face it, these moments of inattention also happen to riders. Let me specify, in order to shuts every slanderous mouth up, that my companion just arrived from a three month motorcycle adventure in Kenya where he suffered no accident.

So, a moment of inattention and Bebey finds itself under a pickup ... and his owner ... stretched out full length on the asphalt after kissing said pickup. I am just behind, the helpless witness of this swerve.

Fortunately, Bebey's owner comes away with only a few bruises and abrasions. Surely his equipment (chaps, coat, boots, gloves, full face) protected him from a much worse fate.

Bebey is a little more messed up. Short stop at Pointe-à-la-Croix where a charming mechanic straightens the “risers”, the brake pedal and the mirror. The clutch lever, although broken, still serves its purpose. Bebey will be able to get to Quebec, but our adventure is over, at least until the beauty has a full check-up at her personal mechanic.

We therefore cancel the reservation in Miramichi, find, with difficulty and misery, a room in Amqui and ... tomorrow we will return to Quebec.

I've told you before that I had the best puncture possible, well now I've been in the best crash. Just crumpled metal ...

It's only a postponement, I'll be back on the roadtrip very soon.

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