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Portugal - Here we go

Updated: May 26

That's it, I'm leaving again and I can't wait.

This time, I am going to discover Portugal and, as usual, I am preparing intensely for this new country. For two months, I have been learning the language for almost an hour every day and I find myself understanding more and more the Fado singers who have invaded my living room since I chose Portugal as my destination. Duolingo helps me in my quest, even though it has Portuguese-Brazilian instead of Portuguese-Portuguese. Well, as usual, I will surely be able to make myself understood.

My bag is ready. A small backpack that will follow me for three weeks. Since I discovered all the advantages of traveling without hold luggage, I have been working to reduce more and more the possessions that accompany me and I like it. Life is so much simpler when material goods do not weigh us down and our mind is focused on discovery and not on appearances.

Don't get me wrong, I like my little comfort... but a light bag is one of them.

Running... again

Monday evening, departure from Quebec.

Once again it starts with a race. The Quebec-Montreal flight leaves 35 minutes late because the flight computer refuses to start. Arriving in Montreal, I have to run to catch my connection to Lisbon. Three times I hear my name over the airport loudspeakers... saying it's last call. But, lucky as always, the pilot is waiting for me and I am the last traveler to board.

00:40. It has now been 3 hours since I left Montreal and I am happily flying towards… Montreal. It appears our plane was having problems with its navigation system and the pilot decided to turn back. Airplane computers definitely don't favor me today... or maybe that's just one of the reasons why Air Canada won the award for worst airline in the world.

Arriving in Montreal at 2:50 a.m., I found a hotel, a taxi and plopped down heavily on a bed an hour later. Okay, we'll try again tomorrow.

The next day, everything went smoothly. Taxi, plane, arrival in Lisbon, car pick-up. Everything is going great.

However, I am very tired. It must be said that two nights sitting in economy class is not the most relaxing. Fortunately, my companion still has energy and he is the one who drives the car to Peniche, an hour north of Lisbon, while I serve as his co-pilot.

One hour? Yes, when you have GPS and an Internet connection. Unfortunately, the E-Sim card, purchased before the departure, does not work despite all my attempts. However, this is not the first time I have used this technology and it has always worked well. So, plan B, I use the Map.Me app. Knowing that everything doesn't always go as planned, I thought about downloading the map of Portugal before my departure.

After a few detours caused by the lack of precision of Map.Me and, let's face it, by our fatigue, we arrive at Péniche.

After a delicious late lunch in a typical restaurant, I take possession of my residence for the next two days

I booked a small apartment on the edge of the cliff to have a sensational view, to properly celebrate my arrival in Portugal and to mark the birthday of my partner who is celebrating his 47th birthday... US, at the current exchange rate.

Our host welcomes us warmly and offers us a bottle of wine which we taste to the sound of the waves which accompany the return of the fishing boats.

The next day, I walk around Peniche and already dream of being a full-time resident there. I am also very happy to realize that my intensive Portuguese learning has paid off. I almost speak like a native. Well... I'm exaggerating a little but, so little.

For those interested, here is the contents of my bag. A very long list and yet, everything fits in my little backpack.

Beauty Bag


Shampoo-soap bar


Hair elastic


Shea Butter


Dental floss



Nail clipper


Water Pike

Mini sewing kit


Benadryl (allergy)

Immodium (diarrhea)

Pepto-Bismol tablet

Electrolytes (pressure drop)

Azythromycin (broad spectrum antibiotic)

Antibiotic (urinary tract infection)

Dressings for blisters


Ibuprofen (Fever)

Anti-humidity bag

Corn starch


Hydroalcoholic gel

Eye drops

Solar cream

Antifungal cream (mycosis)

Hydrocortisone cream

Anti-inflammatory cream

Melaleuca essential oil

Mini beauty kit plane cream, balm




Tilley hat

1 T-shirt

Canada pins

Ziploc bag, small and large

1 Pants

1 Culottes

1 Long sleeve shirt

1 merino sweater


1 Bra

2 bobettes

2 Pairs of fine stockings

1 Swimsuit

Water shoe (Keen)


Sheet laundry soap

Electronics box

Computer charger

Phone charger

Anti-humidity bag

Electrical outlet adapter

USB key (documents+photos)


Mini headphones


Chest bag

Toothpaste (ultra mini)




Backpacker's Guide

Little old lady's glasses (what do you want, over 40...)


Pen + notebook

Cell phone


Business cards from

ATM card

Credit card

Quebec driving license

International driving license


Neck pillow

Starter Kit







Silk scarf


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