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Maritimes, here I come ! - day 0

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Since my return from Colombia, my fingers have been twitching. At night, I dream that they are turning the accelerator handle towards...the unknown, discovery.

Finally, the weather has warmed up and I now have a few free days to go on an adventure again. This time, it's the Maritimes that will amaze me. My itinerary is ready. I'm finally going to see the Confederation Bridge, the Bay of Fundy, the Cabot Trail,... All these places that I've been told so much about and that have made me dream for so long, it's my turn to discover them.

Since I now love challenges, I'm going to add one. Instead of sleeping in hotels and inns that dot the road, I will rather meet people, and sleep "chez l'habitant", as our French cousins ​​say.

For about ten years, I have been a Couchsurfing hostess. I received travelers from all over the world and discovered extraordinary people. It is now my turn to meet the hosts who open their homes and welcome travelers so generously.

And, "while we're at it", expression well known to those who do the renovation, I will also solicit the hosts of Bunkabiker. The site is smaller and less functional but it is specifically aimed at motorcyclists who are all children of a beautiful and large family of which I have been a part for over a year. It is precisely this family who helped me create my itinerary by sharing their favorites.

Quebec - Rivière du Loup - Edmundston

327 km

Grand Sault - Miramichi

280 km

Shediac - Moncton - Bay of Fundy - Hopewell Rock - Chocolat River - Shediac

263 km

Confederation Bridge- Charlottetown - Wood Islands - Ferry- Pictou

228 km

New Glasgow - Antigonish - Aulds Cove - Port Hawkesbury - Baddeck

209 km

Port Dauphin - Cape North - Skyline trail - Chéticamp

198 km

Inverness - Mabou - Long Point -Port Hawkesbury- Sherbrooke - Liscomb

293 km

Halifax - Peggy’s Cove - Mahone Bay - Lunenberg

276 km

Port Joli - Yarmouth

227 km

Ferry Bar Harbor - Bangor

290 km

Jackman - Quebec

380 km

I'm leaving, but I won't forget you. I will keep you informed of my progress, my discoveries and I will share with you the beauties of our country.

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Kelly Kent
Kelly Kent

I'm so sorry I missed you while you were in Dieppe! Glad that we could accommodate you while in our neck of the woods. Hope you enjoyed your stay & safe travels! :)



Thanks again to have me in your home. I miss Rocco and Sofia...

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