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Maritimes, here we come ! - day 9 and 10

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Yarmouth - Traversier - Bar Harbor - Edmundston??? - Québec

790 Km

Hello, this is Juliette, I'm taking up the pen again because my adventurer is too embarrassed to tell you what happened. This morning it is raining but we only have a few km to go to get to the ferry and then we will be dry until we arrive in Bar Harbor, Maine.

I embark on the huge catamaran where they attach me... again. At the beginning of the crossing, the ship uses its fog horn relentlessly… but eventually the sky clears up halfway. I wouldn't have believed that such a big boat could pitch so much, in the end I'm very happy to be well strapped in.

In Bar Harbor, the weather is fine, very fine, but there are tourists... too many tourists.

We were supposed to spend the day there but there is no room for another Juliette or an adventurer... so we continue towards Quebec.


From Bar Harbor, the road is simple. ME-1A to Bangor, ME-95 to Newport and from there, 151 and 201 to Quebec, nothing too hard.

A few km before Bangor, my adventurer decides to imitate the locals. She takes off her helmet and... that's where everything went wrong.

It's the first time she's driven with her hair in the wind, so...she forgets EVERYTHING until, three hours later, she arrives in Centreville, a small backwater town in New Brunswick.

It looks like she forgot to shoot in Newport. I am not impressed...

In addition, she tries to blame me for this masterful error. "Whoa there", it is still her who holds the handlebars. So we won't have time to go to Quebec tonight... So sleep in Edmundston.

The next day, the road is nice and easy towards Quebec, with a short stop to help two nice Ontario bikers, Jake and Mark, who has two tires that are way too worn. The help was limited to translation... but my adventurerI would have done more if the need had arisen. We have been helped a lot during our travels... and we want to give back to the next one.

Looking forward to meeting you after the next curve,...Juliette and her adventurer

Post Mortem

I would not have thought the Maritimes so multicultural. Many Indians, various other Asians, a few Jamaicans, no Africans but above all many Canadians from other provinces who have chosen to settle there after a first visit.

The roads are quite acceptable, especially in Nova Scotia.

Police presence… We saw three police vehicles in 9 days in the Maritimes.

What we liked the most… the landscapes and the curves but above all the smiles and the happiness of living.

Equipment… It is clear that she will buy a heated jacket and a waterproof bag. My pretty Gear saddlebags aren't worth the...when it rains.

Clothing… She love her Olympia coat-pants kit. It adapts to all conditions, cold, heat, rain,...

She recently invested in Gore-Tex gloves and boots, it's pricey but it worth every cents.

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