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Mount Washington - Day 1

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Heeeere it goes...

The weather forecast announces several days of good weather, so I take the opportunity to start my next adventure, a trip that will take me to Mount Washington.

First of all, I modified my luggage installation. I was tired of my Gear saddlebags which are very pretty but… which take on water.

In view of my upcoming trip to Vietnam, I bought a waterproof bag that will be used to carry all my belongings on my motorcycle. So I'm going to try it in Vermont and see if I made a good purchase.

I bought this bag from a young company created by motocross enthusiasts, Triclamp. They offer unparalleled service and my interlocutor had a very pretty voice.

First observation… I will have to install it differently… it tends to move forward when I brake and push me in the back and… I am not a woman who is pushed without consequences.

Second observation, I love its bright yellow color, more visible for inattentive motorists and the various items are easier to find. No more little black corners where my objects would hide.

From Autoroute 20, I take the QC-116 towards Victoriaville. This road is impressive. The quality of the pavement, the beauty of the landscape, a great discovery.

A bike path runs along it for more than 150 km, from Lévis to Richmond. This trail is part of the Route Verte, a 5,300 km network that allows you to discover Quebec's length and breadth.

Bike path along the QC-116

Pee break in Dosquet, where the roadside rest area offers tourist information but also a pretty book box.

Bécancour river in Lyster

If we were at the end of the day, I would surely have taken advantage of the Route des alcools de Lotbinière. Cider houses, microbreweries, vineyards and even a distillery. However, I reserve alcohol and large meals for the evenings. I want to keep all my concentration for the road and avoid accidents and fines. Precisely, a police vehicle was waiting for me at the bend of a curve.

I arrive in the Eastern Townships. This beautiful region offers 20 microbreweries but that will be for another day.

In Danville, I stop to get gas. It is one of the 40 villages-relais in Quebec. Villages-relais are agglomerations of less than 10,000 inhabitants that offer petrol, groceries, public toilets, restaurants and sleeps. This pretty village is located on the Chemin des Cantons which showcases the built and natural heritage of the Eastern Townships. This is also where the Adventure begins.

On my way to Dollarama to buy a snack I...lose my sunglasses and, getting back on my motorcycle, I put my hand on my tank bag and I...break my little old lady glasses. So, I will have to make a few stops on the road to re-equip myself.

From Richmond, I continue on the QC-243 towards Waterloo with a quick stop at the pretty Racine rest area.

St-François river in Richmond

Racine rest area

In Waterloo, it's the QC-215 that will take me to the lair of the millionaires. It must be said that Lac-Brome has everything to satisfy. Chic restaurants, top-of-the-range accommodations, antique shops, magnificent Victorian houses, the Appalachian chain, hills and mountains. All I need is a well-stocked wallet.


I continue on the Route des vins towards Cowansville and from there, I head towards Venice in Quebec… the "Old Orchard" of Quebec. It's late and the beach is deserted but I can imagine how crowded it gets on a nice sunny day.

Me who doesn't like crowds… I quickly pass through and take the QC-202 towards Lacolle where I'm going to sleep above... the village hardware store.

My first day was perfect. Can't wait for tomorrow…it will be my first visit to Vermont.

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