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Finally, I see him again… - Ontario - Episode 4

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Again this morning, the sun presides over my awakening. Today is a very special day. Since almost a year, François Legault decided that I was not allowed to see my son. He even stationed police at the Abitibi "borders" to prevent me from approaching. But finally, health measures are lightened.

I must admit that the landscapes, along my way, leave me rather ... lukewarm, because I have only one idea in mind. Today, finally, I will see my son again and give him a hug.

I start my day by going for a walk at Gordon Falls, a beautiful urban park.

I then take the 101 north.

The closer I get to Rouyn-Noranda, the stronger my heart beats.

Laniel, Fabre, a little detour to Ville-Marie, a city that I love, especially for its Foire Gourmande which is held there at the end of summer ... and the proximity to the magnificent Lake Témiscamingue.

In Rollet, I turn right onto 391. It seems to me that I've been driving for ages…I pass the trails of the Kékéko hills. I would walk there, but ... not today.

Finally, I arrive at my son's place.I hold him in my arms for a long time, carefully camouflaging all my emotion, but let's say my eyes are shining brighter than usual.

I drink from his presence throughout the afternoon and evening. Already tomorrow I will be leaving ...The next two days are just a long ride home.


I stop in Mont-Laurier, have a good dinner at the Microbrasserie du Lièvre, a restaurant that I love, and sleep in the most expensive and seedy hotel of my trip.It'll teach me not to book.

My buttocks, back, shoulders, ... I can't wait to bed, I want to go home, see my garden, my flowers ...

Finally, I arrive ... proud of this new trip during which I took on new challenges, and happy to be at home but also, above all, to have finally seen my son again.

Ontario Pros and Cons

Pro Roads

Everywhere, really everywhere, the surfacing of roads is to be ashamed of in Quebec. It is so pleasant to "ride" without watching and constantly skirting the pitfalls of Quebec roads. No cracks, no holes, no dents. Even construction sites are better. You know that "step" you run into when they are remaking the asphalt? Well, none of those in Ontario

The presence of French

In many places, much more than in Quebec, the announcements are bilingual. It's a great way to receive the neighbors ...Very little police presence and ... civilized drivers despite this absence of law enforcement.

Cons Toilet

There are no public toilets or ... so few.In addition, is it an access of prudishness, they are not displayed. All you see is a picnic table sign and ... you have to go and see if they've thought of putting a toilet. When this is the case, it is usually a dry toilet which is far from equaling the one found in La Mauricie Park.

Municipal halts

They are absent or poorly organized. No clearly marked relay villages, no signs indicating the route to the sensational viewpoints.

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