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India - My carry-0n

When I explain to people that I'm leaving with just one piece of luggage for three months, I'm often met with disbelief. There are several reasons why I bring few items with me and why they can end up in a single carry-on bag.

Firstly, every item I put in my bag is practically essential and I'm terrified that my luggage will get lost in one of the two transits and three flights it takes to get to India. Having only one carry-on bag, I can keep it close to me at all times.

Second, I'm going to travel on a motorcycle for three months. I won't have a huge SUV trunk to stack my suitcases, only the "passenger" space of the motorcycle to attach my bag. So, I have to keep it to a minimum.

Third, I have learned that I need very little to meet my needs.

Finally, it's so much easier to choose your clothes in the morning when you only have two shirts and two pants.

So, here is the exhaustive list of my possessions for the next three months. A list that is not very interesting for ordinary people but incomparable for travelers with little experience.

Beauty Bag




Hair elastic

Hair brush




Dental floss

Kleenex (3 small packets)

Urinette (for peeing on the road)

Nail clipper


Water Pike

Mini sewing kit


Benadryl (allergy)

Immodium (diarrhea)

Pepto-Bismol tablet


Azythromycin (broad spectrum antibiotic)

Atovaquone (for the prevention and treatment of malaria)

Antibiotic (urinary tract infection)


Chlorine tablets (to sanitize water)

Katadyn BeFree filter bottle (to be used with chlorine tablets)

Dressings for blisters


Ibuprofen (Fever)

Anti-humidity bag (to protect tablets)

Liquids (all together to get out quickly through airport security)

Hydroalcoholic gel

Eye drops

Solar cream

Antifungal cream (mycosis)

Hydrocortisone cream

Anti-inflammatory cream

Melaleuca essential oil (bedbug, antiseptic, etc.)

Mosquito repellent

Antihistamine cream (allergy)



Tilley hat

Waterproof kit (top and bottom)

Boot covers (no question of leaving them at home this time. I missed them too much during my trip to Vietnam)

2 T-shirt

Meat bag (silk sleeping sheet if hotel sheets are dodgy)

Canada pins (to give as gifts to children. The best way to create a bond with parents)

Bag for dirty clothes

1 Pant

1 Skirt panties

1 Long sleeve shirt


1 Bra

4 Panties

3 Pairs of merino wool socks

1 Pair of thin stockings

1 Swimsuit

1 Long John


Flip-flop (for hotel rooms or walking in the rain)

Light shoes (for walking while protecting your feet)

Water-shoe Keen

Motorcycle helmet

Luggage net



Motorcycle gloves

Cell phone charging wire (will be linked to the motorcycle battery)

Hose (to give or ask for gasoline)

Net (to attach my bag to the motorcycle)

Electronics box

Computer charger

Phone charger

Anti-humidity bag

Electrical outlet adapter

3 Copy of passport-visa-identity photos (to obtain a SIM card, reserve a room, give it to a police officer, etc.)

Flash light

USB key (documents+photos)

Eraser and paperclip (for removing and cleaning SIM cards)


Mini headphones


All of the above is placed in my waterproof bag which now weighs 9 kilos.

I add...

Chest bag

Toothpaste (ultra mini)



US Dollars

Airline tickets

Visa and passport

Backpacker's Guide

International driving license

Old lady's glasses (what to say, over 40...)


Pen + notebook

Cell phone


Fake wallet + fake cards (to have fun with pickpockets and crooked police officers)

Business cards from

ATM card

Credit cards

Quebec driving license

Neck pillow

Starter Kit

Motorcycle boots (too big to fit in my bag)

Mesh coat (to protect my soft skin in the event of a fall on a motorbike and too big to fit in my bag)

Thin stockings





Silk scarf

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