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India - The monsoon? No, a cyclone

For several days now I have had no contact with the “world”. No internet, because I don't have a SIM card yet, and no Wi-Fi.

But what is going on? Well, two days after my arrival, I found myself in the middle of a climatic event. The monsoon… it’s wind and rain. There are two monsoon periods each year… so nothing too unusual.

However, this is something else. It rains so much that the city is flooded. I'm entitled to a cyclone. It's been more than 15 years since residents have seen this much water.

Impossible to leave the hotel to visit the city or even go get food. All businesses are closed.

No electricity, no Wi-Fi network, no ATMs,…

Although the storm was expected, 9 people died. The next day, the government declared a “non-working” day so that the population could get back on track. Slowly, the water is resorbed. Slowly, life returns. Businesses and homes are using all possible means to get rid of the water that has invaded them. Pumps, boilers, brooms, mops, etc.

I try to visit the city but many streets are still flooded. Impossible to pass on foot, it will have to wait a little longer.

My conclusion…

I am lucky.

My hotel has a generator, so I had light. I was dry and the hotel manager even organized, God knows how, to offer me delicious meals because I was forbidden to go out.

Rain is part of traveling but on a motorbike it is more disturbing.

And, you know what, the fall monsoon normally ends in mid-December... so I may decide to delay the rest of my trip for a few days.

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