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Maritimes, here I come! - day 4

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Moncton - Shediac, Victoria by the sea - Antigonish

346 km 

I have a long day ahead of me. So, I leave my host and head to Shediac for the usual photo with the lobster.

I continue along the scenic route to the Confederation Bridge. I am pleasantly surprised. I was told that I would not see anything during the crossing, because of the too high parapets, except that… perched on Juliette I am higher than the average motorist and I see everything.

As usual, I leave the main road as soon as I arrive on the island and I quietly drive along the coast following the Central coastal drive from the center to Charlottetown.

Since the beginning of my trip, nature has given me a daily gift, the Sweet Clover, also called boreal vanilla. This plant is in full bloom and it's been filling my days along the way.

From Charlottetown, I take the Points East Coastal Drive. The landscapes are magnificent but…I'm hungry. Starving. It must be said that I haven't had breakfast and it's already 11:30 am. So I head to Victoria on the Sea where a sign assured me that I could sustain myself.

Arriving in Victoria on the Sea, my good food radar takes me to the wharf where the Lobster Barn is located. The menu is very attractive but it's their specialty that catches my attention, the lobster roll. Fresh lobster cooked to perfection, peeled by hand, homemade mayo, buttered and grilled bun. Lobster roll, a simple name that only hints at a piece of paradise.

I continue to Wood Island and board the huge ferry. There are three floors for vehicles and another for passengers. Once inside, I am told that I must tie up Juliette and, oh horror, leave her alone. The last time she was tied up was to be towed because she had a flat tire and… I really didn't like it.

When I get off the ferry, I head for Antigonish. This small town of less than 5000 inhabitants sees its population double during the school year because they have a university and not just any university. It was founded in 1853 and has an international reputation. It makes it a young, lively city,...

After settling into my AirBnB, I go to the Brown Stone. This English pub is perfect. From the decoration, to the music, to the menu. It is Jessica who serves me. Here, I must make an aside to tell you that, since I have been in the Maritimes, I have noticed that the waitresses are particularly pleasant. We feel joy, happiness, a certain empathy… So much that… I would like to live there. I order the Brown Stone specialty, fish and chips and local beer. Everything is perfect…including the taste and presentation.

Tomorrow I will take the Sunrise Trail to Cape Breton. I'll tell you about it...

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