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Mount Washington - Prequel

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Hurray, Juliette and I are leaving very soon.

This time we will spend more time in the USA (Vermont and New Hampshire). I get little shivers just looking at the curves on the map. It looks like it will just be a long succession of curves, lakes, waterfalls, forests... I'm going to have to pull the strings to calm Juliette.

Obviously, I'm going to make a stop at Mount Washington, I have to try my brand new purchase, a heated jacket that I received today. Because, at more than 1900 meters of altitude, it regularly happens that the temperature at the top is below the freezing point...even in July.

credit: Moto Trail Aventure

Here is my three-day itinerary.

And in detail...

Québec - Victoriaville - Waterloo  - Venise en Québec - North Hero  - Bristol 426 km

Bristol - Ripton - Warren Falls - Barre  - Conway - Mont Washington - Gorham 270 km

Gorham - Errol - St-Malo - Thetford Mines - Québec 384 km

Don't hesitate to let me know your must-haves... you have so many good ideas.

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