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Spawning time - Gaspe peninsula - Episode 6

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

It's raining, it's wet, it's a frog party

This morning it drizzle, my first rain since my departure.I had planned to spend a quiet day at the hotel, in the dry, but I feel like a salmon in the spawning season. I’m just thinking of one thing, going up the river to My river. The day I left, I bought waterproof pants but I'm missing gloves and boot covers. A quick trip to the Wal-Mart and I walk out with rubber work gloves and two plastic grocery bags.

I get ready by putting the plastic bags on my feet and then my boots. I hope this will do the job. It's my first time in the rain… it stresses me out a bit… a lot. My goal, Quebec or as close as possible.

By the way, there are a hundred salmon rivers in Quebec, including 23 in Gaspe peninsula. Our salmon rivers are known to be the most beautiful in the world for their accessibility and the clarity of their water. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful province.

I'm leaving... but I have to stop after a few miles. I see nothing. The fog is blocking my visor and no matter how often I scrape it with my glove, it doesn't get any better. That's when I remember something about snorkeling. I take off my helmet, spit on my visor and... spread it all out. It’s miraculous, everything is clear. If life was always so simple.

A few kilometers and… I can't see the cars in front and behind me anymore. The mist is a real pea soup. I stop and put on my neon pink and phosphorescent suspenders. Drivers should see me now.


A few more kilometers and the drizzle changes to a whirlwind. I feel like I'm going upstream. I clamp my machine between my thighs, lie on top of it and plunge into turmoil.

In Ste-Flavie, the rain stops and... it is replaced by the wind. A violent wind accompanied by gusts. The motorbike is breaking down on the way but I'm keeping my course. My introduction to the vagaries of the weather will be complete. It's hotter here and my bike is cold… So I repeat the saliva thing on my mirrors which keep fogging up. Yahoo, it works.

In Rivière-du-Loup, a short stop to inflate my tires and change. The famous pants that I just bought have only the name waterproof. I change my pants, remove my plastic bags from my feet. It works... except the one on the right foot had a little hole, where all the water got in. Despite the strong wind, it is hot and beautiful. I continue to St-Jean Port Joli on the 132, and from there I take the 20.

Quebec is approaching... I wriggle. To end this magnificent crescendo trip, I decided to take the ferry to Lévis and take the opportunity to admire the most photographed hotel in the world, the Château Frontenac.

All is not pink but the sky is blue

I am back home with a head full of images and memories, but above all with new confidence. As The Little Engine That Could, yes I can.

It was the first time in my life that I had gone on an adventure on my own and I was far, far away from my comfort zone. I loved each of the steps, each of the challenges that I took on.

Here are a few things I learned on my trip


I'm going to buy some glove covers, boot covers and some new pants,... it's worth it.

I love my coat. Its design is perfect.

I like my suitcases but… the waterproof cover is completely ineffective. One tore after an hour and the other filled with water. Luckily, I had planned and my clothes were in plastic bags.

The vagaries of the road

In 6 days, I have met almost exclusively courteous drivers. Only two dumb ass in the lot.

A car overtaking me, in the rain, over the yellow line, intruding into my lane, and the leader of a motorcycle group who cut my way out of a parking lot. Fortunately, his group was more courteous than him.

I consider cracks in the coating much more dangerous for me than rude or inattentive drivers.

Municipal halts and their toilets

We are blessed in Quebec. Welcoming rest areas, clean toilets, in quantity,... this is exceptional when compared to other places in Canada or in the world.

The most beautiful,... people

I have only met welcoming, kind, warm people who live up to the reputation of Quebecers.

Mamaaaa... it's over... but I will do it again soon.

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