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Toward the Land of the Rising Sun - Episode 1

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Juliette, my little Japanese, has made a new friend, a fat American who is swagging around. Her name is Bebey.

Since my return from Ontario, they have been plotting behind my back and, tonight, they tell me that they are leaving tomorrow morning for the Land of the Rising Sun, eastward, towards the Maritimes. Where exactly ... impossible to make them say it.

Seriously, I couldn't have been more surprised. I feel like Juliet's new friend is leading her down these unknown paths. It must be said that the owner of Bebey returned from Africa, where he spent three months, barely ... 24 hours ago. Maybe the taste for adventure is, as Buzz would put it, "To infinity and beyond". So, I hurry to pack my bags because, despite my surprise, I want to be part of the expedition.

credit: Pixar

In the early morning, we leave my Home sweet Home and ... on our way to the unknown.

First, cross the Pierre-Laporte bridge, which has only offered one lane for the last few days. In the end, it's not that bad, after 15 minutes I'm trough. Here we are, on Highway 20, heading east. We stop to the tourist center of La Pocatière, located on the banks of the river.

I take this opportunity to pick up some information on the route I am going to ride today. I managed to find out, through Sioux tricks, that tonight I will sleep in a trailer in St-Joseph-de-Madawaska.

We continue on the 20 to one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, Notre-Dame-du-Portage. Its remarkable panoramas of the St. Lawrence River and the Charlevoix mountains, its outdoor saltwater swimming pool and, above all, its sunsets, have contributed to its fame. The river road, which runs along the entire village, is worth a detour in itself. All this, without forgetting the Les Pèlerins archipelago, located just opposite and home to razorbills. Yes, yes, there are "petits pingouins" in the St-Lawrence river.


The 132 then takes us to Rivière-du-Loup. Short stop for dinner at the Subway.

Why… because… oh well!

At Subway, I order a salad that I am charged $ 13.95 plus tax, when the price of other salads does not exceed $ 10. How is the calculation done?

Well, there's no price for this salad so ... it's $ 13.95.

Why…? Because… Oh well!

I then ask for a fork to eat the said salad. They don't have any.

Why? Because they can't order any more. Is that so???

I was finally advised to go and beg for one at the nearby restaurant…. and finally find myself eating my salad with a spoon.

Just before leaving, I go to the bathroom. An employee points out to me that I don't have my facemask. I answer that I forgot it ... next to my fork.

From Rivière-du-Loup, Route 185 leads us to Lac Témiscouata. A 45 km long lake ... that's a lake sir! Well, there is no monster living there, like in Lake Pohénégamook, but it has a dam 343 meters long. Pretty impressive.

We arrive at St-Joseph-de-Madawaska.The owners of the trailer are very excited. They just bought two piglets on a whim. Two beautiful piglets that will certainly produce excellent bacon to accompany the fresh eggs of their hens.


After a supper in town (Edmundston) and an unexpected encounter with a doe, we return to our "trailer" for a well-deserved rest.

Can't wait to see where we go tomorrow...

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