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Vietnam - Spacio-thermal vortex

Spatio-thermal vortex: Expression invented point-blank to define my incomprehension in front of the jolts of Mother Nature.

Today I go to Nha Trang. The temperature is uncertain but nothing stops me.

Very close to Quy Nhon, where I spent the night, there are towers. Said like that, there is nothing to get excited about except that these towers were built almost 1000 years ago by the Cham people and they still stand tall and proud. To get there, I must conquer a sloping path paved with bricks.

At the top, I feel the infinity of the sky, and I have a panoramic view of the scattered houses, the green farms and the winding rivers and streams below.

These towers are magnificent but even more the marble statue of the god Shiva.

When I get back on my bike, the rain starts... a little, a lot, too much...

The worst are the feet. Water enters through the top of the boot and remains trapped there.

When I stop at a cafe that even offers deckchairs and hammocks for a midday nap, I feel like I'm walking in two small swimming pools, splouch-splouch.

But I'm not made of chocolate so, after coffee, I get on my bike.

I'm not made of chocolate except that... the rain that seeps everywhere, combined with the cold wind, are slowly leading me to hypothermia.

So, new stop to eat. The bowl of noodles, served to me with a big smile, warms my heart and body.

The sun is coming out, my coat has had time to dry and my desire to continue towards Nha trang is very present but I had not foreseen the spatio-thermal vortex...

In Đại Lãnh, the wind picks up. From trade winds, it becomes storm and even typhoon.

My companion had experienced such strong winds in Haiti that he had to ride the motorcycle leaning against the wind to control it. However, it was a strong but even wind.

credit: le repaire des motards

Here, the unexpected gusts deport me a few meters each time. Making it hard not to find myself unexpectedly in front of a semi-trailer truck, a bus or a car.

Nature is so unleashed that I regret my near-hypothermia an hour ago.

And suddenly... everything calms down. I find myself in another world, warm, sunny, pleasant.

Nha Trang welcomes me with open arms.

In the early evening, I find myself on the beach with locals to enjoy life while sharing a beer.

Một, Hai, Ba, Dzô! One, two, three, Cheers! And, we don't knock our beers just anyhow... As a sign of respect, that of the guest, the eldest,... is always higher than that of his drinking companion.

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