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Vietnam - The end of my motorcycle adventure

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Today, I leave Nha Trang and head towards Đà Lạt.

To get there, I take a mountain road full of switchbacks and hairpin bends.

I go up, I turn, I go up,... and I stop for a short break. It's because this road requires a lot of attention, energy, not to mention the adrenaline rush when a huge truck honks as it overtakes me in a curve. They have all kinds of horns, sounds that I had never heard in Canada but, with one thing in common, they are powerful.

We taste a long thanh (dragon fruit), picked by my companion at the side of the road, while admiring the view.

Another small stop, a few kilometres further...

I go up again and I find myself in the clouds, clouds so thick that you can only see a few meters away. They remind me of Cape Breton pea soup...only worse.

In Cape Breton, I had turned back but here, I have no choice, so I continue. Amazingly, the dense fog doesn't seem to have any impact on drivers.

A bus passes me in a bend without visibility encroaching on the opposite lane, while I guess the precipice on my right...

You will understand that I did not take any photos on this part of my journey, as I am determine to get out of it safe and sound.

credit: Dreamstime

When the fog finally disperses, it's to be replaced by rain... Youppi ⸮

The arrival in Đà Lạt is like the crowning of a long ordeal. Quickly, I find a hotel and I jump in the shower a few minutes later.

Finally warmed up, I leave for a long walk all around the lake with a small tasting stop. Not sure that the CSST would approve this propane tank attached to the scooter.

Nestled in the mountains at 1500 meters above sea level, Đà Lạt is a resort sought after by Vietnamese and foreign tourists. Located in the center of Vietnam, it was built by the French at the beginning of the 20th century around a huge artificial lake, bordered by hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls.

credit 8e picture:

This evening, after a long discussion with my companion, we decide to end our motorcycle adventure. For more than a month, we were amazed by the beauties of Vietnam, the friendliness of its people and the tasty food. But the temperature, much cooler and humid than what we expected, encouraged us to move towards more lenient places.

Moreover, in a month it will be the most important holiday of the year, Tet (Vietnamese New Year). During this period, everything stops. In the regions, hotels and restaurants are closing, ATMs are empty, government services are closed. All Vietnamese are on vacation for 7 days. It is also at this time that we should go to the border, leave the country, and re-enter, in order to renew our tourist visa.

So, in order to warm up and avoid some inconvenience, we decided to leave Vietnam and it is in Thailand that you will find us in the next post.

credit: Tripadvisor, Koh Tao

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