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Cartagena the magnificent - Colombia - Episode 7

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Cartagena de Indias is beautiful.

When I chose this destination, I did not expect so many beauties, so many great discoveries.

Since my arrival in the little nest that will house me for the next three months, my eyes are wide open ... from dawn to dusk.

Almost every evening, a fireworks display is offered to me to end the day in style. That of December 31 was impressive.

Would I admit that I have only swam once so far in the Caribbean sea?

It is because the beaches of Bocagrande are particularly noisy and, those who know me well know that I avoid noises as much as possible.

I prefer the streets of the walled city and Getsemani, where it is so pleasant to wander.

There are also churches, castles, monuments ...

and finally the locals who are so welcoming.

Cartagena, founded almost 500 years ago by the Spanish, has one of the most complete systems of military fortifications in South America.

The port of Cartagena was an essential link on the route to the West Indies. Because of the wealth that flowed from its position in the rum-sugar-slave triangle, the city attracted all kinds of envy, both from the colonial powers, pirates and privateers. There are many details that remind us that History took place here.

Cartagena is now a tourist delight. Located in the heart of a magnificent bay, it is one of the most beautiful cities in America, and one of the best preserved.

The icing on the sundae... from December to March the temperature stays between 25 °C and 31 °C, and it rains on average 1 day per month.

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