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Oh Juliette, forgive me - Episode 4

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Dear Juliette, you should see me go...

Today I am going to Santa Marta, from where I will take my bus to return to Cartagena. I leave with regret the hostel which welcomed me these last days. I liked this jungle atmosphere which contrasted pleasantly with the city rhythm of Cartagena.

I ride a bit on the Ruta del Sol, which is so perfect, and I decide to add a little spice and take the old road that passes through Curval.


I do not understand how the vehicles managed to drive it before the construction of the Ruta del Sol. The first part is practically... impracticable. I knit through bumps and holes. Fortunately, I have an Enduro motorcycle because, with you, I could not have continued. And you, my beautiful Juliette, you could not have come out of it.

Fairly quickly, the road improves… by my new standards and, far too quickly, I arrive in town.

Dear Juliette, you should see me go. I adapted quickly, maybe even a little too quickly, to Colombian driving.

I am not convinced that, in Quebec, I would keep my driver's license for very long. I drive in the split between cars, buses and trucks. I overtake on the right and the left, drive in the wrong direction, overtake in the curves, weaving trough the traffic jam...

I told you... it's different here. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Until the point where, during a brief stop, my companion exclaims: You are taking the lead, girl. I would have preferred: Wow, a real Sigourney Weaver..., but I don't refuse any compliments.

Even my equipment has changed, I have become a moto-beacher. In Quebec, I never go out without my full protective gear: coat, boots and pants. Here, the equipment is more… succinct: a helmet and gloves… and I stand out because the locals put on their helmets only when they are in town. And again…only the driver. Even the way of sitting is different, the lady-passengers often being installed side-saddle.

Dear Juliette, I live fully in the present moment but I do not forget you. We will be back on the road soon and I have a surprise for you… a little trip to the USA.

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