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Oh Juliette, forgive me- Episode 3

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Dear Juliette,

Today I am going to the mountains by via Minca. It is a path that winds, from one small hamlet to another. Do you remember our climb to Mount St-Joseph in Carleton sur mer? Well… it’s the same except that the road is much narrower, steeper and lasts 4 hours instead of 15 minutes.

credit: Adrenaline Addicts

The higher I go, the more the atmosphere changes. From the oppressive heat of the seaside, I find myself at a very pleasant temperature.

Since my arrival in Colombia, two months ago, we haven't had a drop of rain, and the vegetation is feeling it. So, I go up and the change in altitude brings a lusher jungle. There are more and more streams, green trees, the humidity is almost visible.

I am suddenly surprised to see a blue Morpho appear. It must be said that this is the perfect habitat for this butterfly. I will see about ten of them during my run...something to be the envy of collectors all over the world.

With each curve, I gain confidence. A real Lara Croft, you'd be proud of me if you saw me.


I take risks...I know it...but I live fully and it even seems that I'm starting to appreciate the adrenaline that invades my body, I who have always done everything to avoid this hormone.

In order not to have to repair the road after each rain, they built a road, or rather a path, in concrete. I say a path because, most of the time, it is impossible for two vehicles to meet…even if one of its two vehicles is a motorcycle. I know it because, at the bend of a curve, I met a truck which had to stop while I circumvented it with great care.

On the way back, we stop at a small cafe set up on the mountainside. This one is run by a German who has decided to live in the sun...

A well-deserved break before finishing the descent and returning to playa Costeña to enjoy a casuela de mariscos (seafood casserole) on the beach.

The day was beautiful and this song by Aznavour runs through my head...

Good night Juliette

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