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Four two days - Episode 2

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

In the early morning I continue on the Summit Drive

Wikipedia is mixed up like a handful of nails

I arrive at Piopolis. According to Wikipedia, this village was named in honor of the policemen and policewomen who settled there after the Second World War. Eh? What?

In fact, Piopolis means city (polis) of Pie (Pio). This city was founded by papal zouaves defenders of Pius IX rewarded for their loyalty to the papacy. Eh?? What??

In fact, they are Quebecers who had enlisted in the battalion of the Papal Zouaves in 1868 to defend Pope Pius IX. Upon their return to the country, they were awarded colonization lots in recognition of their services. This is how 14 Zouaves founded Piopolis in 1871.

Ahhhh… I understand now. Let's say that Wikipedia is mixed up like a handful of nails talking about policemen and World War II.


Continuing on Summit Drive, I arrive in the International Dark Sky Reserve. "Leaning" benches dot the Route so you can admire the stars without "craning one's neck".

The Mont Megantic Observatory, located in Notre-Dame des Bois, has put a lot of effort into reducing light pollution in order to become the first dark sky reserve.

These efforts allow us to be able to admire thousands of stars that were previously invisible to us and to protect many nocturnal animal species such as Luna moth and bats.

The Perseids are over but the Leonids are waiting for you in November. Between the Las Vegas strip and the Milky Way… the choice is easy.

I continue on my way. Each new curve, each new coast, each new landscape challenges me. I try to store all these beauties to remember them in my old age...

The return

When I left, the sky was dark but I could see the sun on the horizon…

Finally, my vision was not very good. The more I ride, the colder and cloudier it gets. A few drops of rain hit my visor. I had planned to sleep in Magog tonight but the weather forecast tells me that tomorrow will be… worse.

So, to my great regret, I return to Quebec trying to beat the rain. My attempt is in vain. There are nearly 80 km left before arriving in my cozy little nest, when the storm begins. I'm on the 20, surrounded by cars and trucks following me far too closely. Fortunately, I thought of putting on my fluorescent bib because I know that I am hardly visible in the rain.

I finally arrive home…drained and drenched to the bone. After a good hot shower that overcomes my chills, I settle down to write down my impressions. Once again, I had a wonderful trip. I highly recommend the Summit Drive and the Circuit des Shed Panoramiques for your next trip.

"You shouldn't try to add years to your life, but rather try to add life to your years."

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