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India - The end of a short adventure

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I had to interrupt my trip after 7 days, I did not even have time to buy the motorcycle.

But have no fear, the world is big, as is my desire to explore it, and I will certainly have new adventures to share with you. To end on a nice note, I will tell you about the motorcycle that I had planned to buy for my trip.

Royal Endfield

During my trip to Colombia, I had the opportunity to see several new types of motorcycle. One particularly caught my eye, a Royal Endfield. She had a little style of her own, there's something about it.

Royal Enfield, also known as RE, is one of the oldest motorcycle brands. Founded in England in 1896, it offered two- and four-stroke models, notably the single-cylinder Bullet.

Disappearing in 1967 following financial problems, the brand was taken over and relaunched in 1995 by the Indian group Eicher Motors. As of the early 2020s, it is one of the world's leading manufacturers with annual production exceeding 800,000 motorcycles sold in India and more than sixty other countries.

During World War II, Royal Enfield supplied 55,000 motorcycles to the armed forces. Among the models delivered, a very light 125 cm3 two-stroke single cylinder nicknamed the Flying Flea, this motorcycle could be parachuted enclosed in a cradle made of steel tubes.

The Bullet is the motorcycle model with the longest continuous production. This model created in 1931 in England is still in production today.

2020s : local and international sales records

In 2022-2023, sales are at a record level of 824,000 units, distributed in India and, for 89,000, in more than 60 other countries. The distribution network exceeds 2,000 points of sale in India and 1,150 stores in other markets.

The brand defines itself as a specialist in medium-capacity motorcycles (250 to 750cc), a segment in which it claims to hold nearly 90% of the market share in India and to be in first place in Korea and the United Kingdom, in second place place in Thailand, and third place in Australia, France and Italy

And it has such a beautiful sound...

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