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Maritimes, here we come ! - day 8

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Dartmouth - Lunenberg - Yarmouth

354 km

I love the Maritimes and the Maritimes love me.

Since my arrival in this land of winds and tides, I have been called in many beautiful ways. Sweetie, dear, darling, love and tonight…honey. It is Alicia, the waitress at Rudder's Seafood Restaurant & Brew Pub in Yarmouth, who called me that, right after saying "I feel fantastic" and…we believe her. Her smile speaks for her. I like this intimacy which is established from the first contact.

So did Niki, the waitress at Lunenberg's Half Shell, who…recognized me by serving me the best Chowder I've ever eaten.

Fresh cod

Baby potato







White wine

Cream...lots of cream

Niki lived near my hometown a few years ago…and after living in British Columbia and Quebec, she chose Lunenberg where she is “home”.

This World Heritage City is the birthplace of our 10 cent…or rather the Bluenose, the ship that adorns the coin. This schooner has won the International Fishermen's trophy for 17 years in a row. It eventually sank in Haiti after being stranded on a reef.

I had a day full of twists and turns.

Thick mist leaving Dartmouth this morning… So much that I took the NS-103 instead of the back roads…because there was nothing to see.

In Lunenberg, the sky was starting to clear and it was completely clear by the end of my dinner.

So I continued on the NS-3 with a short stop at the White Point Beach Resort, a vacation resort created more than 90 years ago.

The NS-3, the road to the lighthouses, is really worth it. You must not miss it. Finally, it was in the rain that I arrived in Yarmouth, but that did not affect my pleasure in being in Nova Scotia.

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