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Saguenay - Route 170 - Episode 2

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Rain, Rain, go Away ♫

At 6:00 am, I open one eye, it's raining. So I close the said eye and return to Morpheus's arms.

At 8:00 am, another attempt. This time, the weather is fine, very beautiful.The rain even had time to evaporate.Juliette is all dry and clean.

Today, I will take the 170, the Route du Fjord.

The Route du Fjord is actually two roads. The 172 which runs along the north side of the fjord and the 170 which runs along the south side.Well, let's face it ... I much prefer the 170. Narrower, more curves, more hills, and above all ... less traffic.

Fun facts The Saguenay Fjord, one of the ten longest fjords in the world, is a special waterway. On the surface, there is fresh water, coming from Lac Saint-Jean, flowing from east to west. At depth, it is more like salt water that draws itself at high tide from the St. Lawrence River and flows from west to east.

So ... freshwater fish on the surface and saltwater fish in depth, but also whales, seals and beluga whales.

There are lots of great lookout points along the way and I take the time to stop at most of them. La Baie and its half-dinosaur, half-fish sea monster, Agoshin.


The Anse-St-Jean which covered bridge appears on the Canadian $1000 banknote.


Rivière Petit Saguenay

From St-Siméon, I take the 138, not without forgetting to make a first detour via the Chemin de Port-au-Persil, and a second via the 362, the Route du Fleuve which runs between La Malbaie and Baie-St-Paul. There is no question of going through Charlevoix without making a stop at Léon and Lily's and St-Irénée beach.

After my generous snack on the beach, I continue to Quebec, enjoying the panoramas offered all along the way, such as the one offered by Ile aux Coudres.

Another great adventure… What will be next?

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