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The "Motard Mental"

Two years ago, I discovered a weird guy on Facebook. A mix of hippie, philosopher and biker, obviously, but above all a man of heart.

credit: Le Motard Mental

I like these people who are positive, who have learned to see the good side of life in the great trials, who, let's face it, are a model for me.

I love those people who love their loved ones and who are not embarrassed to say so.

Well... he does have a little side that I like less, the stand of his road bike. But when a man's only downside is his motorcycle kickstand... you can get over it.

credit: Le Motard Mental

So, I followed him on FB...until he decided to go big and start a blog.

You can find everything there. From the choice of air filter or tires, through the contents of his bags to quotes... esoteric or not.

I therefore invite you to take a look at his blog, you may find there a source of inspiration for your next motorcycle trip or for your life.

credit: Le Motard Mental

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