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These curves, ah these curves,… My visit to La Mauricie National Park

Updated: Jul 1, 2023


This morning, I was supposed to leave for Gaspésie, but a careful analysis of the weather forecast for the next few days convinced me to delay my departure. So… what to do? Several bikers had told me about La Mauricie National Park, it was the perfect opportunity to go and see if their rave comments were representative of reality.

Leaving Quebec, I take the 40 and 356 to get on scene quickly. First stop, the Rose des vents station in St-Jean des Piles. I fill it up with gasoline, a delicious tortilla sandwich cooked on site and a beer from a local microbrewery. I enter the Park.

Oh… I wasn't prepared for this. The road is PERFECT. It looks like it was paved the week before. Not a hole, not a bump, not a crack, no sand or gravel, perfect I tell you. This is when the curves come and the perfection grows even more. I stroke them, I put them on one after the other and I find myself in a daze. Wow, to say that I could have discovered this place sooner ...

Halfway, I stop to chat with a nice policeman who is there to ensure my safety and yours. He recommends the best spot for lunch, Lake Wapizagonke.

These curves, ah these curves, soft curves like those of a certain Mrs. Milo, Venus of her first name. Others, more pointed like those of the Cross your Heart bras of my youth.

To say that, two months ago, I didn't like curves. What do you think I had to learn to drive before I could understand how much fun you can have with... a curve.

Inexplicably, despite a perfect Sunday, the park is not overcrowded. A beautiful sun, no wind, no bugs, and these curves reaching perfection.

I arrive at the spot recommended by my pretty policeman, Lake Wapizagonke. This lake, carved out by a glacier and sunk into the mountains, is magnificent. Children have fun collecting fry and leech, adults go canoeing, kayaking and wakeboarding. I enjoy my lunch, feeling the gentle breeze on my skin, listening to the birdsong and watching ducklings making their first outing on the water. Practical side, the picnic areas are clean and well organized, and even the dry toilets are luxurious.

I continue my journey with a stop at the Vide-Bouteille and Ile aux Pins. Quebec is truly full of wonders.

Recently I read a post from a Biker who said he had done the park twice in the day and... I taught it was a little weird to pass in the same place again. Well, you know what? Having had the time I would have done the same.

I leave the park and head towards St-Élie de Caxton. The curves are beautiful, the scenery is even more so, but I long to find the perfect asphalt pavement of the National park and its quiet roads. It’s time to come back home. I take the 55 to the 138 and, from there, return to Quebec by this beautiful panoramic road, stopping at Champlain Park (where I lost my wallet and where a couple who found it were waiting... for me to find them. Thank you to this couple of Bikers from Lévis for their kindness) and at the Portneuf pier.

Last stop at La Fosse microbrasserie in Donnacona. I enjoy a board made with cheese and deli meats from the region. Quebec is not just beautiful ... it tastes good. I invite you to visit this place near Quebec city. I loved the service, the food and the beer.

See you soon... in Gaspe peninsula

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