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Vietnam - Once upon a time in the West

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I have been in Hội An for a few days but the persistent rain kept me in town.

Today it is beautiful weather. So I jump on my motorbike and head west.

Why the West? Well, to get away from the cities and get closer to nature. In addition, Tigit, my motorbike rental company, proposes a loop in the mountains which he says is a must for motorcyclists and whose route is much longer and much more beautiful than the famous "Hai Van Pass" that I did last week.

1h30 after a quiet departure from Hội An, we see a road in the mountains.

A road? I would say more of a trail but the view you must have at the top is surely worth the effort.

So let's go...

I must admit that some portions were more risky.

Returning to the main road, we encounter a hydroelectric dam. Throughout our wanderings we have seen several. A little Google search allows me to learn that these dams produce 95% of Vietnam's electricity and that it is 30% cheaper than in Quebec.

In Vietnam, incense is used for ancestor worship. The smoke that emerges from it establishes a link between the living and the dead. Moreover, the offering of incense has a purifying function: thoughts and emotions are purified through the use of incense.

In rural areas of Vietnam, there are traditional factories of incense sticks where many families live from this century-old craft.

I am lucky enough to pass by one of these factories.

A short stop in a small village to have a leaking tire repaired.

During the repair, no time to get bored. These greedy puppies melt me and, 20 minutes and 90 cents later, we are back on the road.

The road is beautiful and the temperature is perfect.

There are lots of curves, hills and valleys, enough to satisfy the most demanding of motorcyclists.

Caution is always in order...

Another little stop to refuel...

And we return to Hội An after a busy day. 8 hours of motorcycling, the buttocks stewed but the head filled with sensations and magnificent images.

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