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Vietnam - Sermon on the Mount

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

On my first ride two years ago, I didn't have motorcycle panniers. So, I had contented myself with the bag of my motorcycle cover and… it had been quite correct.

However, the longer the duration of my hikes, the more my need for additional space grew. So I bought two beautiful saddlebags from Juliette. They were very practical, but not waterproof.

When Juliette reoriented her career and decided to become a teacher in a motorcycle school, I found myself with Romeo, a beautiful custom with which the saddlebags did not want to make friends. So I bought a waterproof bag.

It is this bag that will accompany me on my wanderings in Vietnam. The choice, not to have hold luggage, therefore very little transport space, has been carefully considered. My journey begins with more than 30 hours of travel in three planes and requires two transfers, therefore the possibility of delay or loss of luggage. In addition my means of transport in Vietnam will be a small motorcycle. Where could I put two big suitcases filled with clothes and beauty products.

My bag is the perfect solution. No risk of it getting lost in the maze of airports during transfers and… it forces me to choose wisely the items I take with me.

This is where I recreate the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus had multiplied the fish and the loaves, I multiply the space in my bag.

Who would believe that there are more than 6,785,747 items inside…including my open face motorcycle helmet bought especially for this trip. A very small bag that must contain everything necessary for three months. Everything, from the anti-malarial, to underwear, to the little dress for the evenings. All that in a carry-on bag of 18 kilos.

Do you doubt it? Well, here is the list, you can judge for yourself.


Beauty kit




Hair elastic

Hair brush



Dental floss

sewing kit

Nail file

Nail scissor

Nail clipper


Pharmacy kit

Morphine (pain)

Ibuprofen (Fever)

Gravol (nausea)

Anti-malarial tablets (area with malaria)

Antihistamine (allergy)

Antibiotics (traveller's diarrhea)

Antibiotic (urinary tract infection)

Imodium (diarrhea)



Multifonction sandals (for walking in the mud and parading at parties...not too chic)

Motorcycle kit



Luggage net



Boot covers

Waterproof pants

Clothing kit

2 Long-sleeved shirts

1 Long-sleeved shirt

1 bathing suit

2 Panty skirt

4 tops

3 pairs of merino wool stockings

3 pairs of panties

1 Bra

Tilley Hat

Liquid kit (For airport security)

Sun screen

mosquito repellent lotion

Antifungal cream (mycosis)

Antibiotic cream

Antihistamine cream (allergy)

Hydrocortisone Cream

Benadryl (allergy)

Eye drops





Shoulder bag

Printed copies of important documents (birth certificates, vaccination page of health record, identity card, passport main page)

Flight tickets and seat reservations

Quebec driver's license

International driving license



Pen + notebook

Earplugs (for sleeping and for driving)

US money (for first expenses and visas)

Additional photos for visas Business Cards

Debit card

Credit card

Certified diver card

Chewing gum (for blocked ears)



Cell phone

Backpacker's Guide - Vietnam

Air travel Clothing





Merino wool socks

Walking boots (too big for my bag)

Casual coat for rain and cold.

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