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El Arsenal - Colombia - Episode 6

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I really enjoyed my first visit to this temple of rum so ... why not go back?

The welcome is always so pleasant. Brenda, the manager, has an extraordinary memory and welcomes me like an old acquaintance.

I sit down, browse the menu from the QR code, and Naira takes my order, a sesame crusted tuna and a Jalisco Pink.

To keep me patient, I am offered a Ron Viejo de Caldas, 8 years old and some ajis dulces. These sweet mini peppers, fried in a pan and delicately salted, are crunchy… as one could wish.

Jalisco, made with Tequila, lemon juice, watermelon juice, basil and ... wine salt, is deliciously refreshing and respects my infallible tip for warding off disease.

Salt against dehydration

Lemon against scurvy

Hydro-alcoholic solution, also called Tequila, against viruses

Their menu is very appetizing and their prices very reasonable.

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