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Four two days - Episode 1

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Fall is upon us, quickly… let’s take advantage of the last beautiful days. My next trip will cover the Capitale-National, Chaudière-Appalaches, Centre du Québec and Estrie.

The freshness of autumn floats in the background of the air, but... it's not too late to go on an adventure.

I leave Quebec in the direction of Chemin Craig, this road built to create a link between Quebec and Boston in order to promote massive English-speaking immigration with the avowed aim of assimilating French speakers. Well, there's no question of me being assimilated, I really like the "Tourtières du Lac".

If I still had any doubt that fall is approaching, I only have to look at the fields around me. The corn is ready for picking, the onion stalks are slowly drying out, the sprouts have reached the size of beach balls. All from tiny seeds sown in the spring.

I head towards Ste-Agathe where a magnificent Celtic cross illuminates the crossroads.

I gcuimhne ar àr sinsir

Éireannacha a thàinig

slán ón mbáb bán sa

tír seo

In memory of our Irish ancestors

and the travel who led them to

this country.

These crosses will accompany me throughout my journey. They recall ancient practices that testify to popular religion.

It is at the foot of these that the Catholics made their devotions, reciting the evening prayer, asking for a special favor or the protection of the harvest.

I continue towards Thetford Mines.

Short stop near the grey-bluish pile of the Flintkote quarry. The artificial lake, located nearby, is known for the transparency and turquoise color of its water. One of the most beautiful scuba diving sites in Quebec. My eyes are lost in its depths. I would surely have gone there to explore more closely… if it weren’t so cold.

In order to stretch my legs, I climb the steps of the KB3 mine observatory in Thetford Mines. The view is worth the effort but, when I got to the top, my shortness of breath confirms to me that I should have swapped a few km of motorcycling for a few km of running during the summer.

I recover from my emotions by tasting a tartare on the terrace of the restaurant La Bourgade. An idyllic place on the banks of the Bécancour River.

On the advice of the lady of the mine, I retrace my steps to go to Kinnear's Mills.

This charming village, colonized by English, Irish and Scottish, brings together 4 churches (Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist).

It is a setting worthy of a postcard that welcomes me. The houses, with their old-fashioned character, are nestled in a setting of mountains.

The Osgood River brings the highlight to this postcard image. Quebec is so beautiful.

An intense encounter

In St-Ephrem de Beauce, a movement catches my eye, a lama… some lamas. I know little of these beasts, it's time to educate myself. I never could have imagined how much I would learn.

La Ferme du Domaine Joie de Vivre was created by a woman, with a master's degree in... psychology, epidemiology, public health,... and who decided to live her dream and have a lamas farm. This afternoon, I meet Argentinian and Bolivian lamas. Céleste, Isobel, Luna, Gandalf the grey,… I learn about their fur and reproduction by induced ovulation. But above all, I have the immense chance of meeting a passionate woman. A woman ready to do anything to live her dream.

My visit passes too quickly. There is so much to see, to share, to learn. Already I have to leave…promising myself to come back.

I had not seen Lac-Mégantic since the tragedy of 2013. The reconstruction of the city center is on track, but the memory of the 47 missing is still fresh in my mind.

It's getting late and, as usual, I don't have a reservation. I had forgotten that it was the start of the Labor Day long weekend. Finally, after some researches, I discovered the Manoir d'Orsennens, located on the shore of Lac Mégantic. A quiet place with a wonderful view of the sunset.

Que c'est beau, c'est beau la vie ♫

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