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Juliette has competition - Colombie - Episode 4

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Since I arrived in Colombia, I look at the motorcycles. The small, the medium ... but not the big because there are very few. I heard a Harley, but couldn't see it.

They come from all origins and all kinds.

Means of locomotion for the majority, they sneak up everywhere. This is where we confirm that size matters. With small engine, usually between 100 and 160 cc, they are ideal for local road conditions. Juliette, my Honda CB500 which I found so cute and manoeuvrable, suddenly seems very big and bulky. She wasn't made to live in the city ... through the traffic jams and the more ... 'really close to each other" driving that you find here.

India produces the majority of motorcycles sold in Colombia. TVS, Pulsar, Boxer, Hero Honda, ...

India is also the owner and manufacturer of Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle brand.

Colombia has its AKT, but it also offers specialties. Auteco Starker electric motorcycle and Vaisand for the transport of goods.

Colombia also offers a completely different and very interesting product. Motopedalge makes small kits that you install on a bike to turn it into an 80cc motorcycle, for less than $ 200.

Chine has an electric scooter, HaoYang.

Japan offers its great classic Honda, a favorite brand for police officers, and a few Yamaha.

Finally, with gasoline at 9,600 peso / gallons or…. $ 0.79 / liter….

There is a way to have fun for a long time.

My favorite, the Royal Enfield but ... don't tell Juliette.

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