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Maritimes, here I come! - day 3

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Moncton - Bay of Fundy - Moncton

393 km

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.” –Forrest Gump.

Yesterday evening, I had prepared a beautiful itinerary. I had to go to Alma by the NB-114, return by the NB-915 with a stop at Cape Enrage, take the NB-114 back, with stops at Hopewell Cape, the Albert museum to see the exhibition on Myrtle Molly Kool, the first female sea captain in Canada, the Bore Park to see the tidal bore and a small dinner in town. I was very proud of my itinerary except… nothing went as planned.

I left very excited. Stop in Elliot Brook for photos of the chocolate that covers the banks of the surrounding waterways. Moncton's main river, the Peticodiac, is even called the Chocolate River.

Second stop for lunch in Hillsborough and… that's where everything went cockamamie.

While enjoying fresh eggs and homemade sausages, I started chatting with a Mike. This one has travelled the Maritimes and insists that I go to the Fundy Trailway Park.

I explain to him that no, I don't have time, it's not planned…but stars make his eyes shine every time he pronounces the name. I get back on my motorbike and… I decide to let the adventure take over. It should be noted that I rode the Fundy Coast road trip for most of the day.

I wanted to go there by the NB-114 but the road is closed. I feel like it's been raining a little too much lately.

Small detour via the NB-915.I head towards Cape Enrage where, 1 km before arriving, I realize that my tank is…almost empty.

So I retrace my steps, quietly. The next petrol station is 23 km away. When I park in front of the tank, I only have gasoline vapors... And that's where life still has its way.

I meet Dave and Todd, two brothers from Ontario on the go. I tell them about the Fundy Trailway Park and they decide to accompany me there.

I've done so well to let life run free, without trying complicating things, this is my best new place to ride a motorcycle. Even better than La Mauricie National Park, which is saying something.

We spend a beautiful afternoon walking from one observatory to another. When we leave in St-Martins, I intend to go see the tidal bore in Moncton. So I'm heading towards Sussex or… I'm wrong at the crossroads. An hour later, finally back in Sussex, I have dinner and take the right road, this time, to return to my BunkABiker's host.

I didn't tell you much about this host because he is a discreet man, but what can I tell you is that I really enjoyed my stay with him and that he has "bloody" beautiful motorcycles.

P.S. For those wondering what the tidal bore is...well when the quickly rising waters of the Bay of Fundy tide meet a river—such as New Brunswick’s Petitcodiac—it overpowers the river, pushing against the river’s flow in a visible wave. This natural phenomenon—a tidal bore—causes the water in this otherwise placid river to roll back upstream in a wave that ranges in height from three cm (one in.) to 75 cm (30 in.) and at speeds up to 13 km/hour. Just as spectacular is the rapid and dramatic change in the river itself. At low tide, the muddy river bottom is often visible, but within an hour of the arrival of the tidal bore, the water level rises and fills the river to its banks. source

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