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Vietnam - Lets talk about real issues

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I have a small fixation. Oh, it's very small except... it's an important point for me when choosing a destination. Come on, I confess everything to you...

I like clean toilets.

In the past I have heard horror stories about certain Asian countries and how clean their toilets are. These countries have been ipso facto crossed off the possible list of places I will visit one day.

So, obviously, I had some doubts about Vietnam. My initial research having sufficiently reassured me, I bought my plane ticket and took certain precautions, namely having my STP (stand-to-pee device) and Kleenex in my shoulder bag at all times.

So here are my findings for those interested.

The toilets are clean. In one month, it happened to me only once to be put off by "the little girl's room".

There are, however, differences that have slightly unsettled me.

ALL the toilets have a side sprayer to wash the dark side of the moon. That, I love. I am always clean, clean, clean.

Often there is no toilet paper in the public restroom. My kleenex are therefore used to remove excess water from my butt after the spray.

Toilet paper, when present, generally has no "middle".

There are also toilets without a bowl. Well, I knew it existed without having ever met one. This is where my STP comes in very handy. The usual technique is to squat but my knees are no longer used to this exercise and I would be afraid of falling into the receptacle if I tried it.

The shower is generally in the same as the toilet, without separation. There must be something I don't know because, when I finish washing, there is water everywhere and nothing to wipe it off. I will have to delve into the matter further.

When I'm lucky enough to have a room with a separate shower, I really appreciate it.

Regularly, the water heater is in the bathroom. Unlimited hot water...

Finally, it seems that for gentlemen it is much less complicated.

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